Family Income Benefit in Greater Manchester

Traditional life insurance provides your loved ones with a lump-sum payment in the event of your death. Typically this is to pay off any mortgage or debts, and provide short-term financial security in the immediate aftermath of your passing. If you would rather your family receive a monthly income over a longer term, instead, then a family income benefit may be the solution for you.

Advice and Guidance

Deciding between life insurance and family income benefit (or a combination of the two) requires careful consideration. Our trained and experienced financial experts are on-hand to assist and guide you through the various options, finding the approach that is right for you.

A Range of Family Income Benefit Packages

We have access to some of the best family income benefit packages on the market, thanks to our long standing as professional insurance brokers. Our team can provide direct comparisons between the various plans available, helping you choose one that meets your unique requirements.

An End-to-end Family Income Benefit Service

We work closely with you from the very first phone call, giving you full advantage of our decades in the financial industry. We liaise directly with insurance providers, securing the very best deal we can find. We provide professional advice, completely free of jargon, and handle all paperwork and documentation for you.

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Best Financial Services charge no fee from start to finish for our insurance advice.

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