What is probate?

The term Probate is used when referring to the process of obtaining the legal right to deal with someone’s property, money and possessions (their ‘estate’) when they die. When someone dies, the task of sorting out their money, property and assets passes to an executor, as named in the Will.

The documents that allows you to start dealing with the estate. If the person left a will, will be either:

  • a ‘grant of probate’
  • ‘letters of administration with will annexed’ (if the will does not name an executor or the named executor is unable to apply)

If the person did not leave a will, The document is called ‘letters of administration’.

Why might I need help?

The process of dealing with the deceased assets such as valuing the estate, obtaining information, reporting to HMRC to name a few duties can be an incredibly time consuming, costly and emotionally taxing as it is a large responsibility and one to be not taken lightly. This is especially the case if a close relative has passed away and therefore utilizing a professional Executor can considerably reduce the stress and time taken to close the estate.

You can use a professional to assist you with some or all of the estate probate process based off your individual needs. Please note all professional Executors will charge fees in accordance with industry standard.

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Here’s the legal bit..

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