Professional Wills & Estate Planning Services

Nobody like to think about passing on, but it is something that happens to us all. Knowing that your family, friends, and other loved ones are properly provided for in the event of your death can bring considerable peace of mind.

Here at Best Financial, we offer a variety of financial and legal services to our clients in the Greater Manchester area and beyond. They help to make the process of handling your estate simple and risk-free for those you leave behind.

Last Will & Testament

Drawing up a Last Will and Testament is the only way to be sure that your estate is divided up among your family and other beneficiaries in the way you want. We help you draft a fair and legally-binding Will that will protect your assets, ensuring that your money is distributed correctly.

Lasting Power Of Attorney

If you are unable to handle your own affairs – whether due to a mental or physical incapacity – you can authorise somebody to do so on your behalf by signing a Lasting Power of Attorney (or LPA). This can be a family member, trusted friend, or legal representative. LPAs can be arranged to include Property and Financial Affairs, Health and Welfare, or both.


A Trust is much like a Will, in that it details how your estate and assets are to be divided among your beneficiaries. Where it differs is that that allows a third party, or trustee, to hold assets on behalf of a beneficiary or beneficiaries.

Inheritance Tax Planning

If you die with assets exceeding £325,000, up to 40% of your estate is swallowed up in Inheritance Tax. Here at Best Financial, we can help you put together an Inheritance Tax plan that will mitigate its impact on your estate. Through various Trusts, gifts, and exemptions we can maximise the amount received by your beneficiaries.


Probate is a legal document that is submitted to the courts when a person dies to allow their estate to be administered properly. This includes distributing any assets in a person’s Will, handling any contradictory claims, and tying up any legal or financial affairs. We offer a full probate service to Greater Manchester clients, ensuring the process runs smoothly.

Funeral Plans

Perhaps the most practical gift you can leave your loved ones in the event of your passing is a detailed funeral plan. This sets aside a certain amount of money to ensure that your funeral and any attendant expenses are paid in full. We help you create the perfect funeral plan, making it one less thing for your family to worry about.

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